Little Heaven Orphanage >> Goa, India


 While we were in Goa we had the opportunity to visit an orphanage.  It's always been my dream to go visit somewhere foreign and help at the orphanage, probably like 90% of all people in this world, so I was more than excited to go.  We showed up with pounds of pineapples and bananas to share and were able to send off the older kids to school.  The orphanage was actually really organized and gave us only 2 hours to play with the toddlers until they had classes.  And when I mean play with them, I mean babysit 17 children all under 3 years of age in a 9'x13' locked room with no windows, no fan, no toys and a huge language barrier.  We were so excited and thought we could sing songs and play hand games the entire time, but we were so wrong.  Little 2 year olds couldn't sit there for more than 5 minutes!  We tried to get creative and within 10 minutes we were laughing at ourselves watching us chase after the escaping kids, try to separate the hitting ones, and well sweated our brains out.   We enjoyed our time we got to spend with them, but it was also so heart breaking thinking how they all don't have parents and how rough their life is.  Every weekend they have to do a lice treatment because of how bad the lice spreads throughout the orphanage.   One child was scratching her head so bad that she started crying,  I turned around to 2 little children using a stick to search for lice in each others hair, and a few children had bald spots on their heads from it.  I wished so badly that I could take every single one home but I knew that wasn't possible.  They were all so beautiful in their own way and I was grateful for the time I had with them to show them love and give them attention.


Beverly Houpt said...

These are so beautiful.

Mary said...

I cried while I read this.mostly because I am a mom myself, and it breaks my heart to know those children don't have a mommy to hold them and comfort them and tell them how special they are every day of their lives. I think it is so cool that you and Landon brought fruit to share and were so accepting of the children. you and Landon are going to be amazing parents one day. Thanks for sharing this post.

emma miller said...

Beautiful photos! I got to spend time with some slum kids in Fiji and I know what you mean about wanting to take them all home. The thing I remember is that the poorest peoples I have come across often have the most amount of love, which is a pretty beautiful thing.

My church is doing an aid trip to Rwanda this year, I really wish I could go!

Kristina said...

I have spent time in an orphanage in Cambodia. It was one of the most special, but also heartbreaking times. The kids are wonderful, their smiles will forever be in my heart, but I do know about their difficult situation and tough life. So sad, I also wished to take them all home with me... Wonderful pictures, love the way you captured the beautiful smiles!

kylie said...

i'm so glad you did this. such a humbling experience, isn't it.

Jo Jo said...

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