At the Orchard


On the same day we went to that beautiful pumpkin patch... we also went to an apple orchard!  We woke up bright and early thinking we would get there before the crowd and the heat... but unfortunately we had the exact same idea as everyone else! The sun was already at a blistering 80 degrees and the crowd was everywhere making everything a bit more complicated.  The day quickly got tiring as the kids quickly got more dusty and cranky.
Finally everything was able to settle down once we recouped and got some food in our tummies.  We enjoyed a relaxing picnic under the shade and realized that even if we didn't get a bag full of apples, were all sticky from sweating, and had lungs full of dust... it was the perfect day because we got to spend time with family.


emma miller said...

These are incredible photos!

Off Label Mama said...

Oh how lovely! I ADORE orchards and the harvest season. It is absolutely my favorite.

Melissa, The 25th Hour said...

Aw looks like a fun fun time! So jealous of all the yummy fruit and cute kids :)

Piece of Drew said...

Andrew Stowell


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