After our time in San Fran, we really had no other plans until Portland. We made up our route as we went and were hoping that each night we would find somewhere to sleep. Our first night we barely found a camping site in time before it was dark. It was in the middle of the Redwoods and the only thing to buy for our dinner was frozen pizza pockets. We covered them in foil and threw them in the fire. We were feeling especially lucky that night.... and our pizza pockets burned, yes black and hard as rocks. We had no other choice but to eat them.

So you would think we learned from the night before... it was starting to get dark, we were worn out and tired from driving for 6 hours and we had no clue where we were sleeping. Every camping site we stopped at was full and the word on the street was that they all were. As we started to lose all hope, the last camping site we found had some openings. We were still out in the middle of no where and had no food but leftovers from lunch.

So needless to say, camping was an adventure and looking back at it, I would of had it no other way. We had so much fun with no food, being stinky from old clothes, and not knowing where we were sleeping or for that matter where we were going each night. These photos we took were from our first night camping. We went out the next morning for a hike and we came across heart shaped rocks, wild billy bops (the infamous wedding flower, including my own), and being silly.

Ps. Landon was purposely posing like that in the black & white photo and the last tree shown is 1800 years old!!


Amanda Mae said...

you know I'm loving this! ... looks magical... despite the burnt pizza debacle! :)

ashleyTIA said...

these photos are stunning!! You make me want to go for a hike right now with my camera. :)

kylie said...

i love campingggggggggggggggg

Laura Nelson said...

love your new banner :) these are beautiful photos, you're incredibly talented!!! :) Did you love Oregon? That's so cool you got to drive through, sounded like an amazing road trip :)

Casey said...

I can't wait until you guys get to Portland! Wait until you see it, it's amazing! I wish we were all there at the same time!

MissLauraHueto said...

Hahaha Wow, that was quite some adventure!! :D Love the photos, though! And sounds like fun... sort of. ;) (Lol at me... it's just I'm not really a camping person. :D)


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