Avenue of the Giants


Yikes I've been a blogging maniac! But I'll share a little secret... I had a night of resting through all this road tripping and wanted to catch up before I'm too overwhelmed so I edited all these photos in one night and pre-scheduled all these posts! This is my journal and I want to make sure I get everything documented!!

Anyways, these photos were from our drive through The Avenue of the Giants along the 101 Highway. The roads were surrounded by the biggest redwoods and it was just the prettiest drive I've ever been on. Every 2 miles we would get out, take photos, and jump back in for more cruising. Some of the trees were so close to the road that I felt like I could literally touch them with my fingertips while we were driving. Landon and I decided that we would definitely visit back on his motorcycle next time!


Dani said...


MissLauraHueto said...

Wooww... These look even more amazing! *-*

Emily said...

We used to live up there! We miss it and plan on living there again, eventually. Looks like you're having fun!

Superblondeep said...

huge trees!!

Eava said...

You drove right by me! I wish you could have stopped by and saw your amazing charcoal picture of Tucker and him in real life :-)

Alex Obering said...

you are such an amazing photographer. Seriously, jealous of your skills :)

sheena said...

we did the redwood forrest this summer and I MISS it!! Love these photos! and love your braid:)

Anonymous said...

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