So maybe it's an understatement when I say us girls in the family go above and beyond sometimes. And maybe it's an
understatement when I say we spend way too much time on things that are not necessary. And maybe it's an understatement
when I say we love every minute of doing it.

Okay so this is the Rapunzal cake that was made for baby three year old Savanna's birthday. When I got home from the
airport all of the ladies [my sister, sister-in-law, and sister's sister-in-law... is that not confusing? Lets just stick to
family] were working on. After much tedious work and creativity.... Walah, the cake was finished at 2AM! YIKES.

I can't take much credit for this intense cake because I was off and on dancing to the Rapunzal soundtrack with Savi. But I
will tell you that Ace of Cakes is my favorite TV show besides I Love Lucy, and that I secretly hope to own a cute bakery
one day intertwining art with sweets soooo this little activity of building/making cakes is right up my alley.
It was a super fun thing to do with the gals and most importantly, Savanna loved it!!


Kim said...

Love the cake!

kirstyhelen said...

wow! this is incredible, what an amazing birthday for a wee cutie!

ATTrio said...

Ok so that is the coolest cake! I just watched Tangled 2 days ago and I absolutely love the show.

So much fun :)

Randi Gardner said...

WOW! That is one lucky little girl. What a great cake!

Unknown said...

This is the coolest cake I've ever seen! Looks like Savi had a great birthday!

Leanna said...

that cake is AmAzING!!! Wow! You girls are so talented!!!

Li-Sha said...

stop it. that cake is incredible! do you ever watch cake boss? i LOVe that show.

kylie said...

truly ridiculous. that cake looks so freakin good it almost confuses me. you could start a biz.

Heidi-and-Seek said...

WOW. That cake looks AMAZING. Great work, and you've reminded me I still haven't seen that movie yet! :)

Kristin @ KK & A CAMERA said...

I *LOVE* Tangled. That cake is incredible! You all did such an amazing job! :D

Bridget said...

SO impressive

Gloria Zaytsev said...

I love Tangled!
Cutest movie ever.
That cake is gorgeous!
Fabulous job!


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