It's a beautiful Saturday and I got to spend all morning with this baby right here and when I say all morning, I mean all morning and afternoon.
When my group got out to our location we realized the lens wasn't attached!! So we drove back to campus and got another camera... and when
we got back to our location again, one of the girls broke off the screen!! After much patience and trial & error with this large format camera
we got it to work and had fun!
For other news... we are a new auntie and uncle to baby Georgia Olive Wood as of yesterday! Such a beautiful baby girl that I'm dyiiiing to
hold and take billions of photos of! :) Also, today Landon went out for a 5 hour motorcycle ride with the bike gang so I'm spending the rest of
the day editing and eating, two of my favorite things.
Hope you all are enjoying this lovely weather!!



sometimes i really miss school! and i especially miss the 4x5! enjoy it!

abbeydreamer said...

i had to take time off from school RIGHT before we were gonna use these:( jealous!

Mariel Torres said...

Now I wish my major was photography instead of pre-med hehe

J Kozak said...

It's been one of my goals to shoot with a large format camera ever since I came across Edward Burtynsky's work.
There is such a rich quality in the images that he captures.


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