This was a roll of film I took awhile back, they make look familiar because
I did this greenhouse post awhile back, but these are some of the actual photos
I used for my photog. class.
So my main point to posting today was not really aimed towards these photos,
more to the song below. I've been obsessed with it and let me tell you why.
When I was a little girl the only CD in my Walkman was Jewel. I loved loved
Jewel. No, not the Spice Girls, not Nsync, not Britney Spears... Jewel and only
Jewel. So I finally got out of that phase, I still love her, but honestly don't
remember the last time I listened to her. BUT what I'm really trying to get at
is Katie Gray has a hint of Jewel to her voice, and I love it.
So I take a little listen.


Mariel Torres said...

black and white pictures are always so stunning!

Misha said...

Beautiful pics, lovely song! :)

Misha said...

And... may I ask what kind of camera did you take these pictures? I love old photos and these are really good!

Collections said...

Gorgeous photographs. Reminds me of the greenhouse in harry potter.

Fashionable Collections

Stevie Leigh said...

What a stunning blog! I'm so glad I stumbled upon it!

- S from Following the Walkers


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