OKAY! Here is the last bit of camping.
Lots of photos right?
Yeah, I know, I can't really help myself.

This post is full of KIDS and I absolutely LOVE kids so I was in heaven all weekend.
They were all so cute and into fishing, catching creatures, and riding the dirt bikes...
Makes me want some of my own!! Yikes... but don't worry, that won't be for a few some
four years or so. Kind of a bummer, but is necessary.

I'm not much of a fashion blogger, but I thought I'd give it a shot today.
I thought I looked really good so I figured you all would want to know what I was
wearing, I like to think I have good camping fashion... uh just kidding.
I look like one big blob of sweatshirts and sweats.

me and my best buds

Landon's action shot he captured.
We went out on a nature drive together. Seriously I can never get enough... of him.

My man is so strong, he just pulled it out of the ground!

Fresh fish straight from the lake!

After they gutted the fish, all the boys saved the fish eggs to bring back down to the water.
They were so excited and asked me to take a photo :)

He was my boyfriend for the weekend. Meet Sullie.

Yay! So there is our Memorial weekend all summed up into 3 whole posts! :)
Hope you all have a lovely weekend, June is finally showing through and the
weather looks like it'll be in our favor for the next few days.


Valeria said...

Lovely shots. Great memories.

LCR said...

love all the photos... looks like so much fun. and seriously LOVE your fashion post. pretty darn legit.

kylie said...

never can do enough camping. i love your new blog makeover.


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