This is what our eating habits have been like lately.
Plain & Boring.
We've been busy... and that's not an understatement.

Five great things of today:

1. Landon is sick and now I'm getting sick.

2. We got a ticket for parking in our own, did I say own?! OWN driveway.
We were parked 'over' the sidewalk... when we were issued this spot 7
months ago, Rexburg Police need to realize their ego's and ignorance are
getting in the way of their jobs. Uh, can you tell I'm still upset? Sorry.

3. I have 7 more pages to write of my 8 page paper due tomorrow, I am the
WORST writer in the WORLD. With every sentence I write I spend 10
minutes on the web... blogs and pinterest go hand in hand with my A.D.D.

4. Landon made me a cake stand in his ceramics class last night, and today someone
bashed the side in, oh thank you inconsiderate students :)

5. And lastly, I guess I'm just not in the best mood. I'm sorry, but sometimes
it just feels really good to vent, and right is one of those times!

Once I have this paper done this weekend will be perfect and I can wait!!


The Thomas' said...

I feel ya girl! Its just one of those days. Just think about your perfect weekend and it will make everything better:)

Liz said...

Aw man! We all have those days. Hope your week gets better!!

Li-Sha said...

rexburg police are ridiculous. that sucks. i hope that things get better!

Faith Garff said...

ahhh seriously the parking ticket...annoying!!

good luck with your paper.

chelse said...

I'm sorry you had such a bad week. Being sick sucks and Rexburg police suck even more! Hope this week is better!


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