Grandma Fumiko Fujisawa, also known as Betty :)

Super fresh seaweed salad.

Savi fed me edamame the entire time.
This was her first experience with chopsticks and she loved it!

My grandma's house

Savi is already a little ballerina, she dances 24/7!

I'm back from California filled with love from all of my babies!! I missed Landon lots, so it was a bittersweet goodbye to my family. Fortunately, we will be
back in August for the whole entire year! These photos shown were taken minutes after landing in California. My flight landed during rush-hour, so we made
good use of time and visited my Japanese Grandma before heading home! We enjoyed delicious sushi and then went back to her house for some pretty pretty
Funny story about my dear Grandma... since she is Japanese, she is in LOVE with blonde- haired blue-eyed people, specifically LANDON. When she
heard we were visiting, she thought Landon was coming along too so she said she went out and bought these fancy pastries just for him!! She kept saying
"Landon is like celebrity, Landon should go Hollywood, Brittany is lucky" in her broken English. And well, I can't disagree with my Grandma Fumiko
at all, she is one smart lady and still has good taste! ;)


LCR said...

your grandma is the cutest! fun stories. glad you had a great time with the family.
and girl, every time I come here you have a new beautiful header and gorg photos! love it.

Sarah said...

Great photo story. Your grams is way cute. Living in CA for a year sounds heavenly :)

janis said...

Oh that's so cute :) It does sound like you are a lucky lady!

Mariel Torres said...

i'm loving the pictures darling and your grandma is too cute!


Jenn said...

cute post sis! already miss you!

Randi Gardner said...

Oh that all looks so delicious! How cute is your Grandma!?

jenn (+ will) said...

love this post, and love your japanese grandma. wish i had me one of those! i am 1/4 chinese and 1/4 hawaiian but i was adopted. but i am also obsessed with japan :)

sasha said...

love your grandma! she is such a gem. and love your japanese heritage. ;)


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