One Proud Wife


So maybe this post was meant for 2 months ago... but hey it's better late than never right?
This is the rest of Landon's ceramics from last semester, his first time ever taking ceramics
and throwing on the wheel! Yeah I know, it doesn't look like it was his first time... I have a
feeling he might of been a child prodigy if he would of started this when he was a baby because
it was just in him, waiting to come out!
I had no clue marrying this man that on top of being this ridiculously good-looking model-
face, all biology-knowing, professional chef, ingenious, compassionate man that he is an
amazing ceramist! When we get our own house we plan to buy a throwing wheel, firing kiln, and
then have a dedicated art room. I'm thinking 1 room, 2 walls covered in charcoals, the other 2
covered in pots. mmm sounds like heaven to me.

So here is a look at Landon's work, and surprisingly I still have more pots to photograph while he has 6 more pots getting fired this week!
Landon if you keep this up, I'm going to make you quit medical school and jump onto the art
train. seriously, I don't understand, forever stuck in the awe stage.

Clear Raku

green raku


green raku bowl

Luster Duster

Purple Raku
And lastly, here are him & her matching mugs.
One Sunday Landon made homemade hot chocolate with
homemade whipped cream on a chilly day and these mugs went to perfect use.
Thanks for letting me brag about my husband.
Sometimes i'm so overloaded with happiness that I just need to spill a little bit of it on here.


LCR said...

oh man! these are beautiful! you are so lucky to have this kinda talent in your house! You'll have the best houseware:)

Olivia.Dee said...

these are beyond beautiful. you have a talented man on your hands. as he does with you (woman on his hands... you get what i meant... right?) :]

ben+alex said...

brittany those are gorgeous! i love it.
ALSO, i need your help.
so i've convinced ben to let me get a camera.
a legit one.
but i have no clue which one to get.
i'm not gonna become a photogapher by any means.
i just want one to take pretty pictures of life/family.
any reccomendations?

girluntitled said...

um wow...those are amazing! i can't help but think of that one scene from ghost everytime i see the word "pottery wheel" though. it happens?

christine donee said...

any way I can get one? ;)

Randi Gardner said...

Wow!!!! I am so wanting to take a pottery class. I was terrible in high school. It's hard! Your sweetie really has a natural talent!

chelse said...

those are seriously amazing. I took ceramics and all my stuff was terrible. I'm amazed.... and in love with the first clear pot

Sarah said...

Wow those are amazing. So cool! Your art room sounds like an awesome idea. If Scott and I ever live in a house outside of the city I am for sure going to have an amazing art room.

Off Label Mama said...

That is SO awesome! Seriously, my mother used to throw pottery, so I know a tad bit about it, and I'm impressed! Good job for your hubby!

Ashlee Gadd said...

You should be proud! Those are beautiful!

Alivia said...

I need all of these. Oh my gosh they are beautiful.

ben+alex said...

brittany that is so much help!
which rebel did you start out with?
we are looking at the rebel t1i, xs, and t3?
do you know why the xs is cheaper than the others? is it worth it to pay for for an t1i or t3?

Julie said...

These are amazing! People would pay good money for these. Forget medical school ;) he needs to be an artist. I think you two are hoarding all the creative talent from the rest of us regular people.

Whim Wham Life said...

Ummm, amazing! Brag away! I would buy it. He should totally have a little side business:-) xoxo

Anonymous said...

wow, these are beautiful. you are one lucky wife :)

J Kozak said...

His Mamma would be proud and would let everyone know he gets it from her :)

MissLauraHueto said...

WOW!! Looks like you have one talented husband... These are amazing!!

Jenny said...

Wow he is one talented man. I'm taking a ceramics class next semester and now I'm even more excited for it and hoping that I'm half as talented as your husband.


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