happy six months of being married babe!

i'm usually not the 'anniversary' type... or remember dates ever, but getting asked 'how long
we've been married' every single sunday at least 5 times helps me keep up to date! :)
and in honor of it we...
SHAVED landon's head!!
we've been married for six months now so aren't i supposed to chop off all my hair and have a cute bob?
uhhh.... maybe that's not totally me, so landon is doing that instead!
i've never been too much of shaved heads, i like hair... LOTS and LOTs of hair [hence my 2 ft. of hair.]
but i know that landon will be cute as ever and while
i'm typing this, landon is doing the finishing touches to surprise me...

also we FINALLY got our wedding photos printed so i'm all in love with them again.
i want to rewind that whole day and play it in slow motion, i just loved it so much.
so to balance out all those sunny rays and warm weather up above,
here are some of my favorite rainy, romantic ones. i just couldn't choose,
the ellsworths captured everything perfectly!


Erin Ward said...

Those pictures are so gorgeous!

Bridget said...

LOVE the ones under the umbrella!!

Ashlee Gadd said...

Aww, yay! Happy 6 month anniversary!

brandilyn said...

hahaha, i remember being in the student ward and getting asked how long we'd been married 50 bajillion times every week. and then, after the first year, if we had kids yet/why we didn't have kids, etc. luckily in the family ward everyone leaves us alone! and LOL at the cutting your hair comment. EVERY newlywed cuts their hair alllll off...myself included. worst mistake EVA! good job keeping your long, gorgeous hair :)

christine donee said...

goodness gracious those are epicly beautiful. (epicly is a word I just made up. I sort of like it?)

Courtney B said...

Happy 6 months :) (people stop asking you how long you've been married after about a year.. which makes me sad..I want to be a newly wed forever haha!)
Your dress is SO perfect! Love it!
Haha that is hilarious he shaved his head! I'm one of those girls that cut off all her hair for the cute bob... 15 inches to be exact! (Now I'm growing it back out...of course!)

Kristy said...

Happy 6 month-a-versairy! Your pictures are just stunning. So beautiful, makes me want to get married in the rain. :) x


Kim said...

These pictures are so dreamy!
Happy 6 Months!

Amanda said...

your wedding pictures are completely incredible! your long hair was so perfect. can't wait to see pictures of the hubby's new look. :)

kylie said...

marriage is oh so good

Laura Nelson said...

love your wedding photos! Happy 6th months :)

Megan said...

your dress is gorgeous! Congrats on six months of being married.

Jennelle Marie said...

Happy anniversary to you two! The pictures are beautiful!

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