recently we've been having so much fun!
landon's good friend came home from iraq for 2 weeks [ he's in the army]
and we've been spending our time with him and his sweet fiance!
last weekend we went out to idaho falls, went shopping, ate at a steakhouse, fed the ducks and walked around the falls, came back home and enjoyed frozen yogurt, and then the girls split up talking about our 'future' homes while the boys talked about guns and other guy stuff.

then yesterday we got together and i got the opportunity to take their engagement photos!!
landon was my assistant! at times he would take charge while other times find the smallest littlest things and be so excited to show me. [as shown in the photos below] he honestly notices EVERYTHING, he is so observant and finds the tiniest things, like itty bitty caterpillars.

and lastly this weekend for memorial day we plan to go camping with them!
i think rain is in the forecast meaning lots of soggy socks and frizzy, curly hair... fun!

don't mind my 'grunge photographer outfit'.
if i wear something i don't necessarily care about,
then i don't hesitate laying on the dirt to get a good photo, you know what i mean?
here is a little series of our lovey-dovey selves.

here are some of landon's finds:
this place was gorgeous with my favorite trees everywhere

who in the world would ever notice this?!
oh yeah, landon.

hopefully i will get some of those engagements posted soon!


The Thomas' said...

Love Love Love these pics!

Mariel Torres said...

that first series of pictures is absolutely gorgeous!

Collections said...

This looks beautiful!

Fashionable Collections

Off Label Mama said...

These are great pictures! And I know what you mean about girls splitting up to talk about domestic things and guys going on and on about guns. It's the same way in my little world too!

Randi Gardner said...

I can't wait to see the engagements! These photos are beautiful so I can only imagine! So... will you ever be in Saint George, Utah? haha I need you to take my family pictures... you can come in October. :) haha

ailinh said...

Oh what beautiful photos! I seriously miss Idaho Falls so much and everything about it! Yay for army guy's homecoming as well as his and his fiancee's engagement!

McKay said...

Look at those two ragamuffins.


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