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if you have a second take a hop-skip-jump-on over to the Ellsworth's Photography Blog.
Rog of EP Love is working on a side project... he explains more in his post... and i was honored to work with him. this entire shoot came from the great mind of THE ROG: foil covered shopping carts, puzzle pieces falling from the sky, and of course Michael Jackson. we took these photos about 7 months ago in the hot HOT 90° HEAT, and something that i still vividly remember is when we were finished with the shoot... and i unzipped the vintage jumpsuit... my ENTIRE shirt was soaked from sweat. pretty gross but totally worth it and i would definitely do it again. thanks Rog!


Alex Obering said...

what the h? that's so cool!

kylie said...

just checked them out - you are super hot. what a FUN shoot!

Anonymous said...

THAT IS SO COOL. i loove your blog

christine donee said...

checking it out now.. SO COOL


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