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so it seems more and more that landon & i are in our own little world.
landon goes to school all day, I draw all day and then we spend the rest of the night together.
we don't have TV and never seem to know what's going on in the world.
...hence why we got to church an hour late today thinking "wow we got here right on time."
everybody seemed to be working faster than usual and we thought that everybody was rushing
and doing things early. well the lady we were working with said,
"well you guys showed up an hour late"
i thought she was just over exaggerating and sarcastic.
well turns out, today was daylight savings and we had NO CLUE.
hello brittany & landon, welcome to the outside world.

so another thing we had no clue about was the huge natural disaster in Japan.
i started seeing blog posts of "prayers to Japan" and really didn't have a clue what had just happened.
it's quite sad and now maybe we will start looking at CNN every morning.
landon & i watched tons of youtube videos of this disaster and how it swept everything &
everybody off the land so quickly.
it's seriously so scary how these natural disasters can come
so quickly & unexpectedly.

that's why i found a great interest in these BUG OUT BAGS.
you can find these bags at purplepam.com at great prices
i've always known that it's important to have 72-hr kits but now that i'm married and on my
own [with landon] - i'm realizing it's our responsibility.
go take a look!


The Thomas' said...

These are seriously so cool. You never think about these preparations until something happens. Ok real quick. I want to order some portraits from you! Before we move to Provo in August I wanted to have two portraits done for Logan and I. I just have to find some pictures that I want them to be modeled after. Do you have any suggestions when picking pictures? Let me know. Thanks!

♥ CheChe said...

I seriously would spend the money to get one of those bags if I could and just carry it in my car. You truly never know WHEN or HOW things are going to be the next day and preparation is extremely smart. Especially for young women and men because if we lose the media (cellphones and etc...) we will literally have NO CLUE as to how to survive. Crazy.

I think it is amazing how you guys are so in love that you don't even know what time frame the rest of the world is operating on. You just know you got each other :).


Casey said...

Pete and I actually put our pack together this weekend. A couple things I added that I think are important is copies of important documents ie marriage license, passport pictures, patra. blessings etc...a couple pictures of us, a favorite novel, chapstick, ponytail band...just a lot of little stuff you don't think of at first. Also, I heard you should keep atleast $200 cash in your bag as well. Hope that helps!

Shay said...

I love your blog- you and your man are the cutest couple!

I really admire you guys for not watching TV but I guess there are indeed some downsides! Love the 72-hour kit idea!

katrina said...

my husband and i have been looking around for something like that. thanks for sharing! its crazy how fast something can happen. you never know!

i lllove your blog.


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