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THIS is a shotgun shell.
can you tell what we did over the weekend?

so we recently figured out that landon has a "second" cousin here in rexburg...
and any family is great family right?
well landon ran into him on friday and we got to go hot tubbing with him
& his friends friday night.

and Saturday we went Skeet Shooting!

okay so i'm not so confident with guns. they scare me & just yeah really scare me.
but i've used them before and in the end i always have so much fun.
so we drove out down a muddy, did i say muddy?, dirt road full of puddles & lakes
[okay maybe i'm a little bit over-exaggerating but just wait till you see the photo]
and then we all got to shoot skeets and just have some good ole IDAHO FUN!

so landon is usually very skilled with anything involving athletics-throwing-etc.
well surprisingly he was just not catching onto throwing the skeets.
it was unusually hard... even our friend fell trying to throw them!!
i couldn't even get it in the air.
i guess it's a skilled kinda talent thing some people are born with? :)

i hit some skeets up in the air! super exciting for my first time.
one thing i learned. build some muscles otherwise your arms are going to feel like
you're paralyzed the next day or so. i'm still aching as i type. :/
we did a couple shoot, and let's say that landon and i tied. :)

ben took a series of our shooting trying to catch the shells in the air,
he did great and there were so many that i was able to make this!

the group, it's always nice to meet new people and make new friends!

on our way out one of the cars got stuck. so all of the guys got out to push.
i sat in the car and once they were done i saw landon get on top of the truck
and before i could tell him not to,
he did a back flip...
and the only thing i could do was take photos.
landon can be crazy sometimes.

here are the muddy lakes we drove through... now you see what i'm talking about.
seriously i was a stress ball driving through these roads.
i'm from california- and i'm not used to snowy-muddy-puddled roads
we just got brand new tires and rims so i didn't want those to get all scratched or ruined.
but the only way to keep me from dying of anxiety was getting my mind off it & take photos.
so i have a ton of these, and it helped me get through it all without dying.
thank goodness.


Erin said...

how fun!! i've always wanted to go skeet shooting for some reason. love the pictures :)

kate said...

i love the fisheye photos. we love skeet shootin' (yes shootin' without a g)

♥ CheChe said...

its precious how much fun you guys have together :). I want to shoot some skeets! haha

Brooke T said...

LOVE your .gif's! and how fun. I have never done that before I think it would be a huge fail for me :) ha

Karrie said...

Who would've thought I'd see you hold a gun, let alone shooot them!!!lol

Courtney B said...

How fun!! My husband's latest INTENSE interest is guns.. ah! haha!
I just found your blog and I LOVE it! And you... are gorgeous!!

Courtney B said...

P.S. I'm so awesome. I just realized you found my blog first! Haha! Thank you for your sweet comment.. we better be bloggy friends now that my brain has found it's place inside my head again :)

Gelai said...

Wow! I wanna try skeet shooting too! Unfortunately, I don't like bullets. One of my patients in the operating room before had gunshots in his body. :/

Piece of Drew said...

I can get brittany one of those if you want??

Aaron & Ashley said...

O my, i LOVE it!! Me and my man just bought us some matching guns, ha ha! Your photos are awesome, and it looks like you guys had a great time! I love how your photos always tell a story, its great!!

Julie said...

That looks so fun! You take amazing pictures! I love that gif at the end as well (:

Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. I'm officially a follower! Cant wait to see more from you.

Collections said...

these photographs are gorgeous.


kylie said...

i grew up shooting guns.
that's just how it goes in idaho.

btw how do you make a giff? i've always wanted to try

Kristy said...

Haha oh girl that looks like SO much fun! I'm in the military though and I've had to throw grenades and I was PETRIFIED, so I totally feel you. It looks like you had an awesome time though and I'm super happy I found your blog! Its adorable. Love it! Follow eachother? I'm following you x


Unknown said...

Wow. That is so fun. I don't think I'd be able to shoot very well at all. I love the moving pictures!

Cheyenne Hebert said...

Your pictures are awesome!! Looks like a blast :)

Wendy Annabeth said...

You take lovely photos!

Wendy Annabeth said...

You take such lovely photos!

Liz said...

guns totally scare me!!!


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