+ spring.


today i was in a grouchy mood because i woke up to snow outside.
it should be spring and warm and sunny. but never here in rexburg,
it makes you think you're getting close to shorts & sandals...
and then it rudely rubs in your face that it's not over yet.
well since i honestly was in a bad mood today, landon said to not let it get to me,
so in a break of the snow-rain-hail
i took these.
they were covered from the horrible weather,
so no snow was interfering with my photos.
thank goodness.
and with all this sad weather,
good voices and good melodies can always cheer me up.
and Mi & L'au know how to do it.


Candace said...

Don't worry, spring will come soon! I love that first picture! It's like the perfect glimpse of spring! :)


kylie said...

just come to hawaii :)

Sarah said...

We have been going through the exact same thing here in nyc. Totally lame!!

Diana Smith said...

I dont blame you about the snow! I hate it too!! I would be pretty mad if I had somewhere to go haha

kylee said...

i'm so sick of snow and cold weather. i've been craving spring since the day winter arrived. thank you times a million for sharing that song. definitely just added it to my list of must download. it was amaaazing.

Andrea said...

Girl we still got 4 feet of snow here!!!! You are LUCKY!!

Carrie said...

Oh so sorry...here in Southern California we go through wierd things like that. No snow...but it just recently rained like a hurricane here. But with this place the next day it could be 80 degrees! Hang in there...spring is comin!
XO Carrie

Natalie said...

Loving your photography and your blog! So lovely!

Casey said...

When I was looking at your gun shooting pics I remember thinking wow there still a lot of snow in Rexburg, that's a little unusual :/ I know how ya feel!

Endlessly Chic said...

Beautiful photos! Spring will be here soon!

Choiii said...

Snow?! well i hope spring is just round the corner from you too. The pictures are amazingg... as usual :)

cailen ascher said...

i know...what is up with the snow?! boo!

i'm ready for spring : )

Collections said...

Absolutely stunning pictures, what camera do you use? Your photos are always so crips and wonderful.


Shay said...

Oh my gosh, I cannot believe it is snowing there! On the other hand, though, you have Panache in Rexburg and I would take snow anyday to be able to shop at that store! Lucky!

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