+ pickles.&.pepsi


i've been a lover of pickles all my life.
and i think it all begins with my grandma,
grandma fumiko fujisawa,
who also goes by betty [she's from japan]
i remember as a little tiny little lady, she would feed me a bowl of small sweet pickles
and a cup of Pepsi [this is where i think my pepsi addiction stems from]
i remember sitting on the floor eating as many pickles as i wanted.
pickle after pickle after pickle.
healthy right?

well last semester landon opened up a jar of homemade
[all straight from her garden] pickles from his grandma
and guess what,
i was in heaven
garlic-y, dill-y, tasty pickle heaven.
we probably ate the whole jar within 2 days.

well this all comes down to that today is the last pickle in the pickle jar.
the last of grandma's pickles.
it's a sad sad day because grandma doesn't make them anymore.
and of course knowing me, i took photos.
we enjoyed the last of the pickles with the infamous chicken salad sandwich.
we cheat and buy rotisserie roasted chicken at the market
so it's the fastest freshest lunch we could have.
and we like more grapes than chicken... as you can see,
those darn things kept jumping out of my sandwich, there were so many in there.


Frances said...

that sandwich looks sooo yummy!!!

♥ CheChe said...

your food always looks so healthy and clean. I love the images. And i truly enjoy pickles.. mmm better than french fries if made right :)!! You should start making your own pickles!!


janis said...

i never thought i'd say it - but that pickle jar looks so pretty! my oh my!

Brooke T said...

yummy grapes!! I don't like pickles but those pictures sure make me want to try them again ha

Kelly said...

That looks SO yummy!!! I love pickels also, just love them.

Jenna @ LaFemmeLaFanciful.com said...

That lunch looks absolutely amazing!! So aesthetically pleasing!

And I am obsessed with pickles. Some are 0 calories! How cool is that? I think it is so special that your grandma made her own. What wonderful memories :)

gunnells said...

Yum.. Those pickles look so juicy they r making my mouth water, that sandwich looks delicious!

E said...

Chicken salad just ain't right without too many grapes.

And pickles and pepsi? You are speaking to this pregnant girl like whoa.

Ashley Rae said...

Oohhhh! Soooo yuuumy.
I hear my stomach growling.


Ashley Rae said...

Btw, I just read your "about" section and my hubbs and I got married on the same exact date and year as you and your hubbs! And I can't believe you have a Japanese Gma!


Liz said...

okay so now you've inspired me to make homemade pickles and chicken salad sandwiches with grapes! these photos are gorgeous, as usual :)

Collections said...

That sandwich looks amazing. Yum!!


Emily said...

I love pickles!!!

Our favorites are the dill pickles from Trader Joes! I'll buy you a jar next month!! ;) hehe

Gelai said...

i'm a sucker for pickles! yummmmmm!

The Thomas' said...

ok pepsi is amazing! I just don't think my days would go as well without it!!!

Miss Kait said...

This made me so hungry!!

Silkybow said...

your blog is so gorgeous. love the posts and especially this one ^_^

Atlanta said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

I LOVE your photography! Really amazing!

sasha said...

what!? your nana is from japan?
i feel a weee bit closer to you because of this connection. ;)

Unknown said...

Wow you have some really gorgeous photos! I love pickles too, and now I want some. Yum!


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