+ a.mango.in.the.morning.


landon bought a mango just for me at the grocery store...
which means a lot to me because they aren't by any means cheap and it's always
a hit and miss on how good they are... especially here in the boonies of idaho.
well we've been saving it this whole week not wanting to cut it open because
what if it wasn't ripe enough?!
well today we finally opened it and it was too ripe. :(
so overly ripe and bad that landon didn't want any.
i was just so bummed so i ate around the bad parts and maybe even ate some of the bad parts.
hey, i was still enjoying it.
i had it all over my hands, face, and in my hair... so of course landon tried to take photos.

here's the only one i will post, mainly because landon's wallet is right there.
if anyone is with us at the store or when he is paying i have to show them his license.
usually everyone's license doesn't look anything like them and look more like mugshots than a
normal photo, and in mine i look all orange, yellow and scared.
well this all comes down to that,
i'm in love with his license photo, he is so cute and smiley in it and we've even had cash registers smile because of it :)

[and yes i'm wearing a robe. a robe like an old grandma wears. i asked for one for
christmas this year because i am always freezing here in idaho and especially at night when i'm
drawing. and i've tried wearing my huge winter coats over my pajamas but it just doesn't feel right. i'm a lover of robes in the wintertime.]


kate maggie said...

Aww! How sweet...mangoes are not cheap at all right now! I am sorry to hear it was overly ripe though :( I am craving a mango now hehe. Hope you have a great rest of your weekend! I really love your blog. xo

Kristin @ KK & A CAMERA said...

Hi, Brittany- just found your blog from your comment on mine the other day. Thank you for the sweet words! :) I'm sorry your mango was so ripe! Hopefully it was still a little delicious. And I have to say, from what I can see, that *is* a nice driver's license photo! I like mine from my old license, but I have to go get a new one as I just turned 21. I've been putting it off because I want to look my best in the new photo! ha :) Anyway, hope your weekend has been great!

kristine [kristine. or polly.] said...

Mangos are my FAVORITE fruit in the entire world. I'm sorry that yours was too ripe, though :(

Kelly said...

oh oh oh, I love this post and love that you got a mango! If you lived here you would eat them all the time. I loved doing business with you also, you are just brilliant at what you do! Thanks so much for our portraits, we LOVE them!! mwah

Cheray Natalie... said...

I love mangoes! (& i'll eat them even if they're overly ripe...& get them all over my face in the process!)
Love that license photo - we're not allowed to smile in our photos! They will actually take your photo again if you smile! :( so mugshots galore over here!

ShanaEmily said...

Oh no! I have done that so many times..that now I just buy the slices from costco ready to go..ripe and perfect...haha



Randi Gardner said...

I just found your blog. You take beautiful photos! Wow!

Vicky said...

awww wow I adore your blog!!! Your wedding looked a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for following me, I'm flattered! My brother does ceramics too! It always amazes me how people can be so good at it. I am not skilled at it whatsoever! Great work. I love your photos! Happy to say I am now following your blog!

P.S I. love. Mango!

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