Our Wedding


Our wedding photos are finally here!
~a special thanks to rog & lyndz at EPblog.net

i love how we look like little dolls in this!
so let me tell you some details about our wedding day- November 20, 2010.
this shot was right when we walked out of the temple doors...

and well for those of you who weren't there, it rained on our wedding day!!...
which means good luck & wealth right? the day before the wedding i was
distraught about the rain, stressing about what we were going to do with
our outdoor reception and THE PHOTOS! but when the day finally
came all my worries washed away with the rain, there was something so
romantic about it! and when does it usually rain in california... never!
i felt like the heavens were sending down their love and best wishes.
well for our little photog. session with the ellsworths it was POURING
and my hair is naturally a frizz-curl-rat's nest so we thankfully took
some shots quick, and they were nice enough to shoot some more later in december.
i absolutely love this shot...

and i LOVE this too, if you guys didn't know, landon used to be a calvin klein model...
well not really but i think in his life before this he did because he is a NATURAL.

here is a photo of my proud bouquet creation.
so the day before the wedding my mother and i got up in the wee hours
of the morning to drive out to LA to the flower district. every friday&saturday
there are different flowers there from different growers so i didn't know
what my bouquet was going to look like until i was there. we have to bargain
for the flowers and find the best ones and snag them before other people did
so it was a little adventure. and the crazy thing about it was the flowers
that i've ALWAYS dreamed of having were there! they weren't in season
so they were limited and spendy [compared to everything else] but they were
exactly what i wanted! so we drove back home and i arranged my bouquet
... i secretly want to be a florist...
so it has always been my dream to make my own bouquet...
and thanks to lots of martha episodes when i was younger,
i feel like i did pretty dang well!

now our reception... thankfully the rain stopped for our reception!

i wanted an all white textured wedding with a touch of yellow.
and when i thought of what to use, MARSHMALLOWS came to mind :)
along with tons of white paper, and white tissue paper!

we had a little photo wall set up for our guests to take photos and leave silly notes in our guest book that i was able to make in my book arts class.

that is my mom workin' it with my best friend karena.

for our cake we had cheesecake. it is landon's absolute favorite
so we kept it simple and had cheesecake for everyone.
landon was anxious as you can see...

during our slow dance the rain started to fall. i can still
remember Blood Bank playing with the rain in the background, so romantic!

thanks EP love, you guys rocked it as usual...
& to look at the rest of the photos go to their blog!
once i get the cd i will post up some more favorites!


Rachel Marie said...

Beautiful pictures! You did a great job on the flowers...so perfect and professional looking. I love the "doll" picture also!

Dawn said...

Ugh I wish i had splurged on my wedding pictures!! yours are amazing!

kylie said...

these are amazing

emily said...

love your flowers. they are perfect. i also love the polaroids. my sister did the same thing (with the older polaroids) and then polaroids were on hiatus when i got married... boo.

Megan Hollenback said...



Wonderful wedding! Both you were beautiful and so chic! And I love that umbrella...! Your blog is pretty, I follow you! Kisses from Barcelona - Paris,

Jenny said...

What a dreamy wedding and your photos are delightful! I love the umbrella/rain pictures, really romantic!

Brit. said...

seriously perfection. so gorgeous...can't take my eyes off these ha!!

shopgirl said...

You guys look brilliant! So natural looking and the doll picture is so unique!

Thanks for sharing them!

primitive ole frugal mumma said...

Just Beautiful what more can i say ...oh handsome hubby to ;-) and may you guys have many many happy years together!!


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