+ the.weekend.


this weekend was a fun weekend yet again.

saturday morning we like to make big breakfasts together and we had gotten
strawberries in our bountiful basket, so i thought of crepes! well, vanilla infused crepes
to be exact! since landon went on his mission to madagascar, and madagascar is
known for their vanilla... he brought back a ton of vanilla. i asked how much he
thought he has and he thinks over a $100 worth... because vanilla is so spendy!
i think we are set for life. well, landon did quite the job of cooking the crepes and
i'm so grateful he enjoys cooking too.

for saturday night we have a tradition to make homemade pizza as a date
and then watch a movie. we ended up watching the documentary, Man On Wire,
which was really interesting about a tightrope walker who walked from one
twin tower to the next just for fun!! super crazy but really interesting.

sunday was a church day/landon-brittany day. i guess it seems like everyday
could be a landon-brittany day because we are always with each other
but sundays are different. we go to church in the morning and then lounge
around in robes till night. it is my favorite day by far. :) and in honor of the
superbowl, landon made his own buffalo wings from scratch... and silly him,
even took his own photos to post up on here, so we will have a landon
post soon. we both aren't much into sports and hey we don't even own
a tv!! so we didn't watch it, and sadly i don't even know what teams
were playing.... oops!

and tomorrow, my landon will be speaking & teaching a biology seminar
for all biology students & professors! i am so proud of him with how dedicated
he is with school and i know he will do great! i will be the proud wife,
only non-biology major in the room, sitting in the front :)

best news of the weekend [in my opinion] is i got 8 portraits purchased just this
weekend which means i get to draw 8 this week! [1 person from Australia
& another from landon's home Canada]it sounds like a lot, and yes, is a lot.
but i'm just grateful i get to stay home enjoying the things i love the most and
make some extra cash on the side. i would of never thought i would be drawing
portraits of people and making money from it, it still blows my mind, but hey i'm
just hoping this keeps going!

remember friends, the SPECIAL 2 portraits for $50 will be done by Valentine's Day
so order them today!

Vanilla Crepes

1 c. flour
2 eggs
1/2 c. milk
1/2 c. water
1/4 tsp. salt
2 tbsp. butter

whisk together wet ingredients first then add in the dry
ingredients. heat a skillet on medium heat, grease the pan
& bon appetite!

if you look closely you can see all the little itty bitty vanilla beans!


shopgirl said...

Looks delicious! I'm going to try this.

Have a lovely week sweetie!

emily said...

of course those crepes look amazing.

Casey said...

Ugh Britney these are my favorite pictures by far! Also, I love your multi colored cutting board, do you know where it's from?
p.s I hope you don't mind but I asked Lando what kind of camera you use because my favorite part about taking pictures is focusing in on one object and having the rest be blurry and yours does it so well! :D

Emily said...


Reminds me, I need to get more vanilla. ;)

beau&lindee said...

i've been wanting to make crepes for awhile..i think i will try these ones out. what do you put in the middle, fresh fruit? your blog is way cute!


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