+ one.month.


this post is about
last month,
on the 20th of january,
i announced my new shop opening,
and in one month i am so proud and happy to share that i got
14 big sales in the first month!
I've drawn:
2o portraits
3 books
+ got more work with some customers for future work
that i will be hopefully getting to soon.
i would of just been happy if i had gotten 1 sale!

the even more crazier thing is i don't know one person who bought something.
i figured it would be half of my family, a few friends + some acquaintances.
but i didn't know one customer.
i'm just happy and super surprised.
i was hesitant to even open a shop & then get zero sales for the first 6 months.

i'm not meaning to brag, i'm just super excited & this is my blog-journal right?!

just thought i would say thanks for all the support from all you lovelies.

happy sunday!


msevangeline said...

that is so fantastic! I'm really excited for you!

abbeydreamer said...

I bought one of the journals:)

You make amazing stuff! Don't give up!

Elle Sees said...

if you wanna free month's ad on my blog, let me know!

Jennelle Marie said...

Congrats girl that is so exciting!! You are so talented, youre stuff is amazing!


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