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isn't this just the cutest photo you've ever seen?!?
that is my niece in heaven. princess heaven.
my sister, katie, sent this photo to me and i am obsessed with it, it is so cute!
my little niece absolutely loves princesses and she will list off every single one
and tell me how much she loves them. i also found out that my other sister, jenn, & my mom
took her & my little nephew brady to disneyland again yesterday and she waited for
1 1/2 hours in the princess line for baby savi...
because well, that is the high of savi's world right now. obviously.

landon and i have been skyping manics lately.
we will skype with my family during the day then his at night then mine some more
and so on and so on. we miss our family and all the exciting things that have been going on!
first off, my sister had her baby, my other sister is pregnant and due so soon
and my sister-in-law, julianne, is pregnant and due in july.

does this mean i am supposed to be pregnant too?

because i don't have anything against it, with all this baby talk i've been going crazy!
i want a little one that looks just like a baby landon, that would be the cutest thing in the
world. but don't worry, that won't happen for awhile, even though i'm so desperately wanting one :)
and maybe i like to joke with landon too much and then i start to scare him...
but i know we need a few more years together just us.

anyways this post might be boring to you but i mainly just wanted to say to all our family that we miss them and wish we could split our bodies in half and one go to canada and the other to california!!

here is baby savi with her cheesy smile
we are best friends. seriously.
here is my pregnant sister, still one month to go, but i think she will pop any day now!
she always has huge huge babies, and her little boy is already so tall.
i say he will either be a model or professional basketball player.
or both.
ps. thank you jenn for color-corrdinating with my blog post. always so thoughtful.
and a few days ago i had a skype coaching session with photography.
my sister katie has always had the eye for art,
yet big-confusing cameras are hard to use sometimes.
so i sat there and watched her while she took these... over skype.
since i'm not there to take the photos i promised to photoshop them and make them all pretty.
so these are what i've been working on,
BUT please,
i'm not taking any credit for these, my sister has got it, look at these, absolutely perfect!!!
and i mainly just wanted to post these to show off my precious little new nephew
Austin David
i guess most people are telling katie that he looks like me,
which is a compliment because look how cute he is,
and that's a compliment to him because look how cute i am....
well........ maybe not so much ;)
but i CAN'T wait to see my 2 new baby boys in April!!!!


Landon Wood said...

Love you babe. . . The babies will come and there cuteness will save the world.

Landon Wood said...

And by there I meant their. !!!!

Emily said...

Fun post! Savi cracks me up with her princesses, but mostly I love the colors in that picture! LOL!

Faith Garff said...



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