Morning Time


this morning we had juicy grapefruit and steel cut oats [oatmeal].
i had only tried grapefruit once when i was a kid and at that instance
made up my mind that i don't like it! too sour, too tart!
well half of landon's heart is made up of grapefruit and
he eats it like an art! it's his absolutely favorite so
what kind of wife would i be if i didn't give it another try?
well i had one this morning and loved it! so perfect and i'm craving
another one but i want to save it and not eat them all in one day! :)

and about those steel-cut oats...
my mother always made this for breakfast and it's one of my favorite
breakfasts to keep me warm [it was -10 this morning! yikes!]
steel-cut oats take a bit longer to make [30 minutes] but are healthier because they
are unrefined and have not been precooked. they are more of the
natural grain of oats, and much better in my opinion!

this week's menu consists of:
tonight: salmon, long-grain brown rice, & roasted veggies
wednesday: butternut squash risotto
thursday: meatloaf & mashed parmesan red potatoes
friday: homemade lasagna
saturaday: homemade PIZZA night!
sunday: fettuccine asparagus/bacon/mushrooms/tomatoes pasta


Becca said...

brit where do you get the steel cut oats??

Whim Wham Life said...

These photos are beautiful and your breakfast looks so delicious and pretty:-) Love steel cut oats! xoxo

Jenny said...

yum! Looks like a delicious breakfast!

Brittany said...

Thanks! and Becca, I usually get them at Winco where you pour your own oats/pasta/nuts section [it's super cheap and 1 cup is 4 servings!]
but I'm guessing it should be at Broulums too in the organic section with the self-pour container things?! :)

kylie said...

can i just have you feed me? this is not even fair. and your photos are gorgeous - you should be a food photographer if those exist

Mallory Hanna said...

Ohh that oatmeal looks delicious! I am drooling right now.

gunnells said...

My mouth is watering!! Looks SO Yummy!! Your pictures are fabulous as always!

shopgirl said...

did you take these photos! They're so pretty and delicious too!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I definitely am off to read some more of your older posts!

Rambles with Reese

Amanda Mae said...

I feel the same way about grapefruit.. maybe I should give it another try...

ps... -10!?!? yikes!!! I have never felt anything colder than 20!!

Elle Sees said...

i am drooling over these photos. when ya coming over and making breakfast? i'll totally do the dishes.

emily said...

wow. fanciest breakfasts i've ever seen. i can't wait to wake up tomorrow!

Rachel said...

oh holy yum. looks so so so so good. and i need to make a menu like that for us! definitely a good idea to plan ahead and plan delicious things


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