+ manchester.orchestra.


this is the new song i listened to on repeat during my 'monday task' of laundry.

Manchester Orchestra have always been a favorite of mine and this new single came out today!!
so excited!
their new album will be released in May and you know i'll be counting down till then...

if you haven't heard of them before check out a few of my old favorites

to get a free download of their new single go to the website here.

i thought i'd share a little side project of mine

here's a little explanation of why i started it and what it's all about:

i keep finding my desktop covered with inspirational photos, good craft ideas,
something i want my "future" home to look like and so on and so forth, you get the idea.

i have a few folders on my old hard drive, i just started a new folder on my new hard
drive and i think i have 2 folders saved to my desktop with images i want to keep.

so i decided to start a blog for myself.

my little file folder of images all saved into one place.


a place for all things inspirational.

for me.

you can go check it out if you want, it's nothing special, just
everything that's been stored on my desktop/hard drive for years.
and a fewnew things here and there.
in my free time of cleaning off my hard drive i will be
posting new photos there.


Unknown said...

A personal inspiration blog is a great idea! I have a zillion photos like that on my computer too.

Amanda Mae said...

Have you ever used pinterest? it's pretty awesome... same idea, it's like a scrap book to keep all your inspiration! :)


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