+ trip.to.target.


on our way back home from the salt lake city airport i needed to stop by target to get some shampoo and conditioner....
and along with that shampoo and conditioner,
we came home with a COUCH!
and even better, that couch turns into a bed!


so here's the story of how we got the couch:
we were sooooo exhausted after waking up at 5AM in california with 4 hours of sleep behind us and flying to SLC. once we landed we met up with one of landon's good buddies and his wife and had lunch. after that we started our journey home to rexburg until i realized i needed shampoo and conditioner because i wanted to badly shower once we got home.
so we stopped at target.
once we got there we started shopping for many many other things realizing everything that we didn't have and everything we needed. landon was seriously sleep-walking and i sick with a runny nose and 2 plugged up ears.
then i saw this couch...
and i fell in love and was like, "landon lets just rest on it for a bit"
not ever thinking that landon would want to buy the couch...but hoping deep down inside that he would...
he said to me, "so should we get it?"
and to my surprise he was serious about getting it!
well lets just say that the lil bit of resting convinced my husband to buy it because it felt soo good to him finally rest and sit down.
and we bought it.
and we are happy.
and now we are almost ready for our house warming party.


msevangeline said...

your place is looking so awesome! I am so happy for you :)


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