+ update.


well since we've been on cloud nine lately, i have a lot to update with.
tonight i'll start with thursday before the wedding.
i got to go through the San Diego temple for the first time and it was absolutely amazing.
after the session we took a few photos for memories :)



And on Friday night... the night before the wedding... landon and i didn't see each other all day.
i got things done with the wedding & got my nails done while he, he had his BACHELORS PARTY!
i just wanted to give a special little thanks to his brother McKay for putting it all together... landon had the time of his life... until we got married... but i'm happy he had so much fun on his last night of freedom! ;)

(landon will be narrating from here on down)

So get ready for the bachelor party of a life time, and best yet, no one ended up in jail!!
It all started at Medieval times, where i was promptly made a Knight to the king, so next time you see me it would be proper and respectful to address me with my proper title of "Knight"

The Knights on horseback and foot fought their hearts out and here is our Knight, the GREEN KNIGHT!!! he was rad


food was served on the plate below, no utensils, pure medieval deliciousness
just take a gander at our faces to try and understand the intensity of the situation. If you still dont feel like you have gotten the full effect of it all, call me up and ill be happy to yell at you through the phone

im sure from the photos its not too hard to tell the night was a success, the best part is that it was only the beginning, i don't want to get into details but ill just say i ended up in the ocean... Naked!


kylie said...

hahaha i love that place. so funny. cant help but think of the cable guy.

ps hot wedding photos.
your hair = AMAZING

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