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i got my mom's recipe for this cheesy potato soup,
and it's quite tasty for these cold, chilly days up in rexburg!
i thought i'd share it with everyone for all the wives to cook for their husbands
or all you single ladies for your roommates!


Cheesy Potato Soup

3 cups water
3-4 chicken bouillon cubes
1-2 carrots
4-5 potatoes diced
1-2 stalks of celery
1 medium onion finely chopped

simmer together until potatoes are tender.

in a saucepan, melt 1/3 cup butter or marg., add 1/3 cup flour. use whisk to mix together and get lumps out. then add 3 1/2 cups milk to this mixture, whisk together, and bring to a boil, stirring constantly. once mixture is thick turn down & add 3-4 cups grated cheddar cheese. mix together with a spoon not the whisk.
once the cheese is combined with the milk, add the simmered vegetables and stir together. Then you are done!
and if you want an extra added spiciness, add 1 tsp. tabasco sauce or i added red crushed pepper for a lil kick.

*then for the side, slice up fresh french bread, spread with butter, and sprinkle with garlic salt and put into the oven on broil.
for the second day of left overs, you can make croutons with your day old french bread and toss them with olive oil & some seasoning and put in the oven for 300 for 10-13 minutes.

mmmm mmm mmmm.


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