what do i do when my boyfriend leaves for a boys night camping trip?!?
well, let me tell you...
1. i went out with my roommate and took photos of the insane lightening outside.
seriously i had never seen lightening like this before...too bad for the best part of it i was too awed in amazement and just stood outside and watched it, then when i actually snapped back into character i ran and grabbed my camera!
[i will sometime later this week post up the lightening photos]

2. i caught up on all my girly shows and watched the hills & the city with my roommate while drawing & painting my lil heart out.
check it out.

these were inspired by franz kline an absract expressionist, one of my favorite painters.



3. and lastly listen to this sweden chick sing.
i like this song.
& wish i could simply sing & play the guitar as this ease & sound this good.


de Montevert | MySpace Music Videos

don't get me wrong,
i missed landon very much tonight, but these artsy spills i have are really fun for me & much needed. new artwork on the walls are always nice too. :)


Emily said...

ummm...is that a sink in your bedroom or a bed in your bathroom? haha j/k! Love the artwork, Britt! Amazing, as always!

Jenn said...

you are so talented!! i didn't even know you updated your blog! love all the pictures too!


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