+ dear.rexburg:


dear rexburg:
i have stayed up till 2:49am in the morning to see this meteor shower...
but for some reason i haven't gotten the chance to see it yet...
maybe because it's at a low of 11 degrees here and i can't bare to go outside and wait for it!!!!!!!
i have gone upstairs 4 different times now and quickly open the door, look up in the sky and see nothing, quickly close the door and tell myself it's not worth it and just go to sleep, yet i still want to see this happen and maybe snap a few photos.
since i just went up one last time while writing this post and saw nothing , i think i will give up and get some sleep for this 8 o' clock class i have in the morning, more like later today in 5 hours?
if only rexburg didn't get so darn cold...
i would of gotten the chance to see the meteor shower tonight.

p.s. in exactly 6 months from now, i will be in mexico city and be in central america for a month! i am so excited and we went to our first meeting today for it.



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