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Here's a few phone photos of our time in San Diego.  It was our last vacation just the 3 of us and Juniper is at such a fun age where everything is exciting and new, so this vacation will forever be such a special memory.  Every morning Landon had to go to his Emergency conference so Juniper and I would go out together and do something fun and then pick up daddy for lunch. My mom was nice enough to come pick up Juni for the last 2 days so that Landon and I could have some time alone together too.  We've been to San Diego so much now that we have a list of our favorite foodie places and man did we eat SO good.  Seriously the best meals every single day.  Fish tacos, a crab boil, the BEST spicy ramen, California burritos, and classic hamburgers, I probably gained like a million pounds but it was worth it.  

During our mornings together we would go find a new playground for Juni to get some energy out.  This place had a purple dinosaur and Juniper was ecstatic when she saw it... as you can tell with her smile.
Daddy's girl!

Another morning Juniper and I picked up donuts and went to La Jolla shore to see the sealions.  She was so excited to see them and especially to try her first donut! She was more just into the sprinkles though. lol
The best CA burritos and Mexican food in general. Lucha Libre!
We went here another time before we left and they let us sit in the champion corner which was pretty funny. It's usually blocked off for reservations but somehow Landon worked his magic and I pretty much felt awkward sitting there with everyone staring at us the entire time :)

On our first day without Juniper we went kayaking at La Jolla shore. It was a nice activity that we would not be able to do with Juniper and a new baby so yay!
We stopped and shared some spicy shrimp tacos & spicy caviar... I've been craving SPICE like crazy and for some reason nothing in Rhode Island has heat so every meal we at was burn your mouth off.  That night we got our favorite crab boil and again burned our face off. It was SO good and something that we definitely could not do with a toddler so that was awesome to have a date. 
Meanwhile while we were in San Diego Juni was at church with all her cousins. She didn't miss us one bit because she was having fun with everyone.
And another cute photo from my mom. She painted her nails for the first time and I was shocked she stayed still long enough for them to dry but Juni loved it.
We did a lot of other fun things but here's what I got with my phone!


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