Intern Year is Over!


Our family of 4 (baby bump is 31 weeks!)

Intern year of residency is officially over!
It's been an exciting year full of changes and new experiences.  We bought our first home, we found out we were pregnant with our second, and most importantly Landon worked his butt off.  It's been long hours for Landon but he's grown so much as a physician and I see it in him, I'm so proud of all the hard work he puts in and for all the sacrifices he makes for our family.

Juniper was such a party animal at the graduation! She ate 2 huge plates of pasta, got her very own ice cream and danced the entire night.
And for memories sake because I don't actual journal anymore, I'll get real with how this year has been.  Everyone always told me that medical school was so hard etc etc but I never felt that way and it never reached those expectations.  Well people said the same thing about residency and well I couldn't have been more prepared.  Since January it has been some of the longest, hardest months alone that I've ever experienced.  I think it's more because I've had sickness after sickness since I've gotten pregnant.  I had a rough pregnancy in the beginning with lots of tests and then morning sickness that lasted way longer than my first.  After that I've either had the flu, throat infections, colds, horrible allergies, and worst of all freaking scabies from children at church.  And along with being sick Juniper continues to have more and more energy with needing less and less sleep. haha She's been skipping naps and HAS to leave the house every day to get her energy out otherwise she's a monster, no exaggeration.  And those two things of being pregnant with a toddler that doesn't sleep, do not go together! I get on average 3-4 hours of sleep a night while Landon is gone 24/7 so I think that's why it's been hard so maybe intern year wouldn't of been as bad but with everything together it's been a long couple months.  And I'll just finish this out with saying I know it's not going to get easy with another baby haha But none the less we've had great memories together this last year and Rhode Island has been great to us.


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