21 months


21 months!
These photos were taken in our glorious dandelion infested yard... which I'm not mad about.  Juniper's favorite things to do is pick flowers (definitely influenced by her mama) and picking her nose (definitely influenced by her daddy... jk) but seriously her finger will not stay out of her nose!

I've been so bad at keeping updated with her milestones and fun things to remember, I like to think I'll be better about the next kid, but I'm only kidding myself.

21 Months!

• She recently has become very independent.  She's always wanted to things on her own, like climb in her own high chair when she could barely even walk or feeding herself at 10 months... but now she insists on putting her own shoes on and climbing into the car and getting into her car seat by herself.  This means an immense amount of patience for me, especially for someone who is generally always late, having a toddler wanting to do everything on her own means I need to be ready at least 45 minutes beforehand... otherwise it will end up with a huge tantrum to wherever we are driving.  BUT I love that she's independent and I know it'll help once I have baby #2 so go Juni go!

• Her appetite has grown x3! She used to never be a big eater but now she is eating the same amount as me or sometimes more.  Her favorite foods are salmon, raisins and grilled cheese.  Whenever I ask her what she wants for lunch she yells "salmon please!" but since we don't have an endless supply of fish and I don't always have the time she resorts to grilled cheeses her second favorite.  She usually eats an entire portion of salmon and then half of mine so now we are cooking twice as much.

• At her 18 month appt... which we didn't get to until 20 months, the doctor said she is high on the charts in height and supposedly they can estimate how tall she'll be when she's older and they said 5'10"! We'll see about that though...

• She loves to sing and has surprised us with all the words she knows, she sings Twinkle Twinkle Star, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Happy Birthday, Wheels on the Bus, Popcorn Popping, ABCs, Number Song, Finger Family, and seriously like 10+ more.  I always just hear her little voice singing different songs through out the day, it's seriously the cutest.

• She has started to skip naps already, we will put her in her crib and 3 hrs later of jumping and singing I go to get her out since I don't want her falling asleep at 5pm.  This girl has never slept, since the day she was born! On the days she skips naps, we will put her in her crib at 7pm and she will be up until 10pm and then wake up at 5:30am... her energy is endless.

• She had her first incident of stitches when she was 19 months and got some in her forehead.  Thankfully daddy is an ER doc and all our friends are docs too so we met a friend in a parking lot and stitched her up.

• She definitely seems excited about being a big sister and will kiss and rub my belly and say baby sister.  I sometimes think she doesn't understand but there are moments where it definitely seems like she knows what's going on. She loves babies so I know she'll be a great sister.
Digging for gold.

Settled for flowers instead.


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