NYC Road Trip


NYC! I've been wanting to go to NYC for forever and it finally happened! Living in New England we only live 2.5 hrs away... which is insane since I would drive that almost daily going into LA everyday for work.  Our best friends from Canada met us there for 3 days and it was the perfect little trip. The weather was amazing the first day, like I was actually pretty hot wearing my sweater and then the next 2 days got cold and windy, but it was still fun.  Since we both have little ones, we kept the trip pretty relaxed and didn't push to see too much.  We went to the National History Museum, saw the Statue of Liberty, walked on the Brooklyn bridge, played at Central Park and visited The Met.

Right when we got into our hotel Juniper brought Peppa onto the bed and made herself right at home, full diaper and all. 

The National History Museum was HUGE and hot, so we kept it simple and went straight to the animals and DINOSAURS of course. lol Juniper was in heaven and was saying "roar" the entire time. Daddy was pretty excited too :)
Not the most flattering but our only group shot with the dinosaur above!
On all our walks we would pass so many playgrounds and if Juniper spotted a slide, we had to stop, so we had lots of resting in between and she was in heaven.

There's the tiny Statue of Liberty! It was SOOOO cold and windy that day that we saw it for five seconds and kept walking to get out of the wind!

Juniper discovered her pockets and was feeling pretty independent and proud of herself after that.  No need for mommy or daddy's hands!
From there we walked down Wall St. to the Brooklyn bridge.  It gave the kiddos a chance to sleep which is always the most important thing of the day!
The Brooklyn Bridge
Love birds
I really really wanted a shot of Juniper here, I usually have a few shots in mind that I have to get while on the trip and that was one of them... she ended up falling asleep for her nap so this artsy shot will have to do.  Next time though!
When traveling with all Canadians, you can always be sure they'll find the best poutine ;) It was seriously so good! 

At The Met!
Landon was so good to me.  I love love art museums and it's hard to enjoy it when you have a whiny crazy toddler on your hands, so he watched her so I could enjoy it.
Van Gogh! His works were so breathtaking.

When it started getting colder we took Ubers around the city and you don't need car seats in the city, which was crazy to me but Juniper could tell it was special and she was such a good girl for us.
Every morning we walked to Whole Foods for a good breakfast. I loved Juniper's ponytail that morning!
Our last day there we took Juniper to Central Park, which was only 5 min from our hotel.  We took it easy and let her play, she loved it.
Who knew that NYC would have the best playgrounds?
There was this giant slide that Juniper really wanted to go on, she wasn't scared one bit and we were bad parents trusting that she could go on it alone...we forgot she was only 1.5 yrs old.  We left her boots on and they got caught on the slide and she turned and almost fell off...yikes. That was scary for us, but she still wanted to go on it so we were extra careful.

My last meal was a slice of NYC pizza.
Our next trip to NYC is going to revolve around food because that's what we're really about! Can't wait :)



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