Easter Egg Hunt!


While my mom was in town she wanted to make sure she celebrated Easter with Juniper (best Grammy ever)!  Usually at home she does a huge HUGE Easter egg hunt for all the kids and she wanted to make sure Juni got some love as well.  So on the ONE of two days it didn't rain while she was here we drove down to Goddard Park and had a little egg hunt.  It was windy and cold so that made it hard for Juniper to fully enjoy but once she got the hang of it she was having fun. 
She initially thought that every egg she found, she had to open it and eat what was inside otherwise she would never get that treat, so this went realllly slow, but at the end she slowly got it. 

Notice the full mouth above.  I put TJs alphabet cookies in most of them so she at least didn't have just pure sugar! 
Grammy also had lots of presents too.

Thank you Grammy for being the best!



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