Disneyland with my June bug!
My mom was awesome and got an awesome deal and bought me a Disney pass so that when I went to visit CA for a month we could go.  Juniper loved it and was in awe the entire time, she initially had a hard time waiting for the rides but after she got the hang of it she did great.  She also surprised me with her cheesy smile, before whenever I'd take a photo of her she would purposely look away or run, but that day and from there on out she stands there with the cheesiest smile.  Of course I loved this!
I didn't take any photos on my camera, just my phone so here's for the memories!

My first photo of her when I realized she was actually smiling for the camera! lol
She never falls asleep anywhere so this was a shocker.  I actually got an hour to eat a meal in peace!
Juni LOVES her cousin Savi.  She didn't need any warming up to her, she's always loved her.
Us with the baby bump
Juni loved running around with her cousins, she was officially 18 months old but acting like she was their age, she was in heaven.

Juniper is usually freaked out of men, but since she was missing daddy so much she latched onto my brother.  At Disneyland she wanted him to hold her and she would go on rides with him, it was the sweetest.
I tried seriously 20+ hats on her and she freaked out every time I put one on her head. And then I gave up and she found this one and actually let me take a photo of her. haha

Her first ride at Disneyland was the carousel, she loved it.



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