Christmas Tree Hunting


Cutting down your own Christmas tree... something Landon always talked about from his childhood and something that I was completely foreign to... so you're telling me that it's not just in movies?! 
We were all excited to go as a family to pick and cut down a fresh tree.  It was still the very last week of November and I remember it being bitter cold.  Juniper as always was running wild and hiding behind trees, I was slowly trying to find the "perfectly" shaped tree and Landon was quickly walking to the farthest tree on the property so that he could scope them all out. 

Hiding and running like a wild child.

Daddy's girl

Putting up the star!

Whenever I'd quickly glance I'd either find Juniper in awe of the glowing tree or I'd find her...

Running as fast as she could with an ornament she was able to get ahold of. lol



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