Pumpkin Patch Visit I


We found the best pumpkin patch which also had the best apple picking (after the 3rd time we finally found the best, we at least know for next year).  Juniper was in heaven at the pumpkin patch, in her high little pitch voice she was screaming "pumkin!!!" "pumkin!" non stop running from one pumpkin to the next making sure to rub each one.  I wasn't expecting her to be so excited but it made the experience that much better.  Landon unfortunately couldn't come any of the multiple visits :( but thankfully there are great residency wives here that are always up for hanging out. 

Also, I think it's important to note that this place had THE best apple cider ever. I bought a little quart before I left and it was so good that I drove back the next week and got a gallon, even if it was way overpriced, it was so worth it.  I'm excited to go next year! 
Seriously she was SO happy

When we first arrived she went from one pumpkin to the next rubbing each one. She was SOO excited.
Strong baby girl!

And even though these are all pretty much the same photo, because she was SO happy and that it shows in every photo, I had to post them all.



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