7 Months Juni


Once my baby hit 6 months she has been on the move NON STOP! (and that's no exaggeration)!
I absolutely love seeing her personality develop and could of never imagined how obsessed I would be with her, I'm seriously so happy and in love, no matter how sleep deprived or busy I am, she's my world! But can I say how IMPOSSIBLE it is to get one photo of her without moving! I completely skipped her 6 month photo because I couldn't get one of her staying still.  Thankfully after a million tries, her daddy helped get her attention for these. :)

| February 18, 2016 |

• She is officially crawling and is so fast at it!

• She loves light sockets, sharp corners, climbing into the fireplace and putting all bits of trash and lint off the floor in her mouth...haha (hence why we bought her a blow up pool as a play pen in our house!)

• She can pull herself to stand, and walk around objects if she's holding on and stands on her own for a few good seconds

• She has learned to give kisses and is all about the open mouth sloppy ones!

• She has learned to fake cough and thinks it's so funny

• She can wave hello and goodbye

• She says "dada" ALL the time... still no mama :(

• She dances or moves her head when music is on, she's my little dancing baby

• She is starting to get stranger danger and really only lets mommy or daddy hold her

• She is definitely our chatterbox and is constantly babbling

• She loves food and has been a really good eater for me


Yolande said...

Look at those baby blues. In this case, quite an apt description. you both chose cute outfits for your daughter.


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