Our First Family Vacation: San Diego


For our 5 year anniversary & Landon's birthday we took a mini vaca down in San Diego.  Prior to this trip Landon had been gone for 2 months, busy with audition rotations and interviews, and I just recovered from having surgery and well also missing Landon like crazy....so this trip couldn't have been more needed.  

When we arrived at our hotel we received a free upgrade to the family suite which was awesome!

For our trip I did research on yelp & Diners, Drive ins & Dives for good places to eat.  For our first night we stopped at Bluewater Seafood and we ordered way too much food but it was fun to try everything and the seafood was one of the freshest we've had anywhere. Yum!

The next day we went to Balboa Park.
Here is Landon taking Juni down the steepest hill before I could stop him. He said he still needs some adventure in his life.

Family Photo!!

Afterwards we went to the stinkiest part of San Diego and chased sea lions around until we got tired.

And our favorite part of the trip was our time at Crab Hut.  One of Landon's favorite times in Georgia was a crab boil dinner we had in Savannah and ever since he's been wanting to have it again.  This place was SO good but SO messy and having a little baby to hold while breaking open spicy crab legs is a joke. So we took turns eating and enjoying it and had to wash our hands in between and thankfully we were there on a Monday night and only took 2+ hours to eat. haha None the less, we are going back before we move.

And while we were packing up to leave Juniper was being so good and I of course couldn't resist taking photos.


meg bird said...

Her face is so expressive! Such an adorable family.

Emily said...

Looks like it was a wonderful mini vacation!!

Katie said...

Haha I love the part about still needing adventure in your lives. What a gorgeous/fun trip! Your hair is so long and amazing. So glad you guys got to take a much needed vacation. Happy New Year!

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