Pumpkin Patch


This was Juniper's first visit to the pumpkin patch and I had to document every second of it! :)
Landon had been away for a month for his residency audition and he had a week home before he had to leave for another one (which meant he would be missing Halloween) so we took a day trip out to the pumpkin patch and called it "Halloween" for Juni so that he got to experience her first with her.

Juniper can sit up with support but not on her own, so we sure looked pretty crazy trying to get her to balance against this haystack. Here's what we got. 

Sunflowers will forever be one of our favorite things because they remind us of Landon's mom.  They were her favorite and we have a painting she did of them so now whenever we see them we will try to get a photo of Juni with them :)

It was so bright! Poor baby

Our attempt at a family photo. Poor baby it was bright.
10.19.15 - 3 months old
Juniper loves to be outside and look around so she was such a good little baby at the pumpkin patch. and she even fell asleep on the way home and let us eat in peace and have a mini date at Cafe Rio (which never happens!) It was the perfect little day out with Landon back.


Beverly Houpt said...

She is too adorable. I love babies at that age :)

Emily said...

Cute photos!! That's our favorite pumpkin patch!

Unknown said...

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