Newborns Part I


Being a photographer and a first time mommy is a blessing and a curse... Yes I can have lots of nice photos of my baby girl BUT I just don't know when to stop. I had to tell myself "this is the LAST newborn shoot" because otherwise the proud mommy in me just thinks "she'll only be this small once" and the crazy photographer in me keeps thinking "just one more shoot". So here's the first of many newborn photo shoots. We love you Juni!

That bottom lip!!

That cocoon blanket was knitted by the talented Emily Gunnell! She knitted it years ago for my nieces & nephews and I've been anxious to use it and finally the day is here. :)

These were taken when she was just 4 days old.  I thought that the younger the baby the easier it would be to photograph them (because usually as a photographer I get them at 2 weeks) but she was still super squirmy and I couldn't touch her otherwise she'd wake up. So this was a quick 20 minute shoot.


Emily said...

Such pretty photos of little Juni!! That bottom lip! Oh my goodness!

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