Barri Gotic - Barcelona, Spain


Barri Gotic also known as the Gothic Quarter is the center of the old city in Barcelona.  It's made up of tiny, winding streets with very old buildings and cathedrals scattered throughout.  We saved our last day for some exploring through the Barri Gotic and of course for the Picasso Museum!
It was so fun to explore with Landon, we would be walking through a narrow alleyway and then all of a sudden it would open up to a massive cathedral or castle/building, it definitely has the "old European" feel that you imagine all of Europe to be like.

Continue for more photos and Picasso!!

Catedral de Barcelona! I had this on my list to see if we had spare time, and as we were exploring the streets we came to the back of it and walked around and walah this beautiful cathedral in the middle of the city. 

When you google the Gothic Quarter this bridge comes up everywhere.  I was pleasantly surprised to come upon it randomly.

And one of the main reasons I wanted to come to Barcelona was Picasso! I plan to go to all of his museums in Europe one day but Barcelona just seemed perfect with Gaudi there to enjoy as well.
Our first day in Barcelona we were on our way to La Boqueria and we randomly saw this Picasso statue. The alleyway was completely empty and it was in front of a really creepy mask store that was vacant.  I kinda felt like he was going to come alive and do something to me so we quickly snapped a pic and left.  I thought I'd add in this random photo to start off the Picasso Museum because I have no where else to put it!

This was one of the entrances to the Picasso Museum.
Photos were not allowed in the museum but I couldn't come all the way from California and not take a photo!! So here's some sneaky iPhone shots.
We didn't buy many souvenirs our entire trip but I knew I needed to get some prints at the Picasso Shop so I saved up for that.  We bought 3 prints and all 3 ended up in our baby girl's nursery, I love sitting in the rocking chair and looking at them thinking about our time together in Europe. 

We also stopped by a cafe and had the infamous churros & chocolate, they were delicious!...and it was definitely something to share because it was very rich.

Also on a side note, our first day in Barcelona we went to a cafe and ordered 2 hot chocolates, thinking American hot chocolate and they started pumping out this extremely thick chocolate (way thicker than this one shown) and Landon and I were both wide-eyed thinking how in the world are we going to drink 2 of those with the 2 chocolate pastries we bought! Thankfully the owner saw us shocked so we just bought 1 and had a huge sugar rush that morning.  We learned from there on, that American hot chocolate didn't exist there. :)
Cutie Landon

And for the last night in Barcelona we wanted to try the traditional tapas.  Since we don't drink, I knew that there wasn't much of a point for tapas but we needed to give it a try! I looked up lots of tapas bars before we left and had Vaso de Oro on the list.  The reviews were high and it was a very traditional tapas bar with mainly all locals.

We ordered shishito peppers & patatas bravas (spicy potatoes with mayo). I checked on yelp beforehand and these seemed to be the top raved about items.

And because we're huge foodies and have watched every food show alive, we ordered foie gras because we've never tried it before but have seen it endlessly on those Anthony Bordain shows etc. 

I was kind of grossed out by the thought of foie gras (esp being pregnant) so I passed.  Landon's overall thoughts on foie gras was that it was fantastic but in very small amounts. It was very rich.
Overall thoughts on the tapas we tried... I think you need to drink to enjoy them fully.  We didn't get full off of them and I think the greasy food needed something to wash it all down.  We weren't the most impressed but glad we gave it a try! 

Next up is the beginning of our road trip to Cadaques & France!!!


Shelby said...

I haven't been able to explore all that much of Europe, but from what I have been able to explore Barcelona was my absolute favorite!

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