Mexico Cruise Part 01


I'm going to bring my blog back to real life for a second, because we don't get many "real life" photos anymore with Landon being in medical school 24/7!
It was Landon's spring break last week and on a whim we booked a cruise with our good friends and realized, we needed to take a relaxing vacation rather than a stressful-backpacking-our-favorite kind of vacation, and really he only had 1 week off so we needed to do something cheap and quick, and this cruise was the best option!

It was 4 days and our first stop was Catalina Island.  I've lived in Southern California all my life and surprisingly never been here before, so it was nice to kinda check it off my list.  It was a cute quaint town and we took it super easy just exploring and hiking around, personally it was nice to visit once but I probably won't really go back because there wasn't much to do or really see.  Here's a few photos from our time there! Next up is Mexico!


Erica Baker said...

Beautiful. My husband and I prefer backpacking trips to remote places over resorts too - but we were just talking about how a 5 day quick vacation might be in order. Glad to hear that you enjoyed yours. I love to tones in the water.

Shelby said...

that's too bad about not having much to do, because your pictures make it look gorgeous! and i totally know what you mean. my boyfriend and i are always planning hiking and camping trips, but sometimes you just have to plan a relaxing and easy trip.

Sid said...

Love your honesty. Most people paint a pretty picture of every place they travel to.

meg bird said...

Glad you got a chance to relax! Lovely pictures. I'm sure there's still plenty of adventure in the future for you two! At least I get that impression :)

Samantha Heather said...

Such beautiful images and beautiful memories. I really need to get out more...there is so much beauty around that I need to experience

Anonymous said...

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