Alton in the Clouds


Brittany Wood, Brittany Wood Art, Brittany Wood Illustrations
 Take a look at what's on my art desk right now...

Brittany Wood, Brittany Wood Art, Brittany Wood Illustrations
Brittany Wood, Brittany Wood Art, Brittany Wood Illustrations
So here's the back-story of how Alton came alive.  After snorkeling many hours in Indonesia I was extremely inspired by the colorful underworld and I told myself... I'm going to paint fish!!! (with extreme excitement I tell you) So once I got home I was sketching and drafting up ideas, fish just everywhere... and then the final piece I came out with was Alton and a fish in a balloon?! What?

I'm not really sure how that happened but I am definitely not giving up on this under the sea idea.  Until then I have 2 more paintings in the making and am excited to share them with you once they're finished.

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Emily said...

I love the whimsy! I want a fish in a balloon!

Landon Wood said...

Everything even looks better in person. Nothing makes me more happy than when you produce art :)

Chealsey walton said...

oh my these are amazing!! makes me want to paint


Anonymous said...

these are beautiful. I need to go for a swim too :)

To The River said...

Way too cute:)

Niken said...

i love them! looks so fun and colorful

Sharon said...

That is so adorable! I love the colour and especially the one with the bees :)

meg bird said...

You're just the coolest.

Lydia Phillips said...

love this style! you are full of creativity.

Unknown said...

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