Gili T


As we approached the shore of Gili T, it was definitely looking like the tropical paradise I always imagined.  I had never been to a beach with crystal clear waters and really that was all I was considering "a tropical paradise" ... as you will see from the pictures, it past the test.

There are 3 Gili Islands off the coast of Bali, we ended up staying on all 3 but Gili T was our favorite.  It was very tourist populated (a con) but had access to more things (a pro).  There were fresh fruit smoothie stalls,  pearl vendors galore, spas at every sight, and by the time dinner came you had endless fresh fish to choose from and to eat.
Landon & I don't really "do well" relaxing at the beach.  Landon lasts about 5 minutes on the sand if he's not swimming and I just get antsy sitting there doing nothing... so we're pretty much hopeless tropical paradise-ers.  So to keep us busy we rented bikes for one of our days there and rode the entire island's coast and we also set up snorkeling tours and swam with turtles to pass our time.

Oh! And that cute little boy was a local child who joined us for a swim.  He couldn't speak any English and I don't think he ever noticed that we couldn't speak his language either.  He was there to fish with his wooden stick and tiny baby hook, but once we let him play with our snorkeling gear that quickly went aside and he didn't want to stop pretending to snorkel.  He was just so cute and friendly!


janis said...

love that shot of your long hair in the water. perfect!

kylie said...

amazing shots! gosh. so good. so pretty. i need to go to bali!!!!


obat jerawatan said...

thank you for visiting our country awaited the next visit


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