National Glacier Park, Montana


This is quite the long post... I was thinking about splitting it into two... but then I remembered how excited I am to post about Indonesia... and opted to just get it all done with!! I'm just going to kinda "dear journal" this whole day out for memory's sake, so here we go!

So these were all taken in one day, quite the adventurous long but amazing day.  That morning we woke up in Canada and it was July 1st which happened to be Canada Day!  It was the first Canada Day that Landon got to celebrate in maybe the last 5 years? So he was excited to be back in his homeland and I was excited to celebrate it for the first time in Canada!
One of Landon's friends that he met down here in medical school was Canadian and we happened to be in his hometown while he was there so we tagged along with him for the festivities.  They cooked BBQ beef underground (I don't know the technical name for it) as a community and we gathered with buckets, loaded on the beef and beans and then went back and had a picnic with his friend's family.  After baking in the sun long enough we decided to go swimming in the dam nearby and had a perfect time.

But we couldn't spend too much time there because we needed to get to the National Glacier Park in Montana to get a camping spot in time before it got dark.  So with almost half of the day gone, we jumped in the car with our bathing suits and drove 3 hours across the border until we made it to the park.  It was my first time at Glacier Park, we were very rushed on time, but made sure we got out at every pull out to take in the scenery and enjoy this beautiful Earth.

So as we reached the end of the park we were desperately searching for an open lot to camp!  We did what we did best and waited until the last minute, literally as the sun was setting we got the VERY LAST CAMPGROUND! We got very lucky and even got to camp right next to a cold but very beautiful refreshing lake.  The campground had fresh water to drink (which is such a luxury after living out of the car for 2 wks, you get very excited about the most minimal things) and our spot was just perfect for us.  Before we set up our tent Landon decided to "shower" and take a dip in the freezing lake, I planned on it but since the sun was completely gone I decided it wasn't worth it for me to have a giant mop of wet hair for the rest of the night till the early morning.
And again, doing what we do best, we didn't have anything to eat for dinner that night; so we walked to the local store and found some off-brand pizza pockets. We stomached as much of it as we could and quickly went to sleep before our stomachs could get upset at us.  The next day was a long 8 hours down to SLC, Utah, thankfully/unfortunately there were no photos documented. :)

Thinking back about National Glacier Park only brought the best of memories. It was so much fun and had great places to camp, swim & hike! It was such a fun drive up the mountains and we wished we had days to spend there hiking and adventuring through... but we didn't... so we made plans in the future with our future children for our future summer family vacation, which I definitely look forward to!


janis said...

bc is definitely something special! also, every time i see a photo of your hair, i just swoon. so beautiful!

looking forward to seeing YOUR indonesia photos. i haven't really had a chance to go through ours since we've been racing around like crazy here in canada. but looking foward to posting them once we're back in SK!

meg bird said...

Incredible! So much beauty everywhere you look.

Nicole Marie said...

beautiful beautiful beautiful!!

amanda said...

ok I was already wanting to go back to canada really bad...but these photos make me dying to head back! just awesome. how far outside of vancouver is that lake?


kylie said...

oh gosh i can't get over how gorgeous it is there. need to go so badly.

Jenny @ Coffee + Honeycomb said...

These photos are literally breathtaking. HOW?!!!!

p said...

Ooooh, I'm really enjoying your travel pics. I feel like I've been on holiday!


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