Hiking, sweating, climbing rocks, making fires and getting burnt.
We went to Joshua Tree again this weekend with some friends and had a great time like always.
We stayed at Jumbo Rocks Campground which allowed us to spend most of our time climbing. Landon is like a little monkey jumping from rock to rock over 10 ft.+ high with nothing stopping him, and I'm always trailing behind him on all fours balancing my camera in the front and bag in the back, occasionally yelling for help or frozen from fear.  I'm sure I look so ridiculous, but I'm trying :)

Unfortunately I didn't get any food photos. Our friends brought the most gourmet food and we've really never camped so luxury as we did.
Gourmet cheeseburgers, guacamole, Kombucha, brie & smoked gouda with Martinellis, tin foil dinners, s'mores, apple pie, watermelon, baked beans, eggs with fresh avocado, bacon and orange juice... the list never ends and we've never eaten this well while camping. Thanks guys for treated us so well!

But I have to say my favorite part of our trip was enjoying chocolately smores underneath a full moon.  Thankfully we never take photos when it's dark or else I'd have blackmail photos of a face covered in sticky marshmallows and chocolate smeared fingers. Every time.


janis said...

gotta check this spot out one day.

looking forward to your canada trip photos! it will nice to see photos of home while we're away.

take care!

Kristina said...

looks magical!! and the food sounds absolutely amazing!! yum!!
kristina x

kylie said...

joshua tree for life.

best place ever.

Vintage Love & Photographs said...

Awesome shots. I'm from not far from here.

meg bird said...

These pictures seriously look like a magizine ad for a camping trip. I love them.

And I just have to say, your hair. it's kind of amazing.

Unknown said...

i looove joshua tree. this post makes me miss when i camped there & want to go back so badly!


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