I came across this photo a few weeks ago and I was surprised that I overlooked it when I posted forever ago! It's probably one of my new favorites and describes India pretty well in just one shot.  If you look closely you will notice it's a ONE-WAY road and I think this herd of goats might of just saved our lives from that monster bus behind them.  Our driver liked to "play chicken" going 40mph and would wait until the very last minute to let the opposing traffic pass or wouldn't move and just hope they would go around us. 

We are brainstorming & planning for our next adventure this summer, and it gives me anxiety just thinking about it!  Mainly because I am in charge of all the planning and sometimes I feel like I still am a baby and have no clue what I'm doing, but none the less, I'm getting excited!!


The Thomas' said...

I love this picture. Are you guys still thinking about Africa? You would love it!

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness!!! Come to Japan with us, please!

Unknown said...

Japan would be nice! & take Grandma with you! hehe PS Lando better go over your agenda before you take off!


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