Today, or since it is technically 3AM, yesterday August 15th was my birthday. I turned the BIG 22! Landon and I spent the day at a spa resort basking in the sun, soaking in mud baths, and swimming until our toes were prunes (complimentary of my sweet sister Katie.) I had a lot of time to reflect on this past year and how good it has been to me. I feel so completely blessed and that's why I am taking this quiet time (in the wee morning) to record it all.

Within this past year I have:
  • Gotten engaged
  • Gotten married
  • Started up my own business
  • Graduated with my bachelors degree
  • Been published in a magazine
I feel so blessed to be where I am today and feel exceptionally blessed to of found Landon. Each day just keeps getting better and I wonder how I got so lucky to of found him. Also, everything that I am is because of my mother. She has shaped and supported me into who I am today, and I just wanted to give a special thanks to her.


Jane said...

happy birthday! you have a beautiful life and many talents. keep on girl.

kylie said...



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